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Director - Cherry Tao

Our Founder - Ms. Cherry Tao

The founder of the Motion Artistry Dance Program, Ms.Cherry Tao, is considered to be one of China's dancing treasures. She performed and taught dance for over 30 years. Her acclaimed Peacock School of Dance has graduated thousands of classically trained dancers. Upon her arrival in Canada she saw the need for a highly disciplined teaching platform. Ms. Tao has incorporated her classical training and expanded her teaching skills to include jazz, classical and hip hop. It is with this fusion of dance techniques that she will be launching her latest world class dance venture.

About Motion Artistry

Motion Artistry has been founded for almost 10 years in Vancouver. It is the sub dance academy from “Beijing Little Peacock School's of Dance" China which has more than 25 years history. Motion Artistry has graduated over hundreds classically well trained dancers in Vancouver. Besides body figure sculpting training,Motion Artistry also provides the students valuable opportunities by winning many provincial dance competitions every year and also been involved many local events and show performances.